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ent, Contract Analytical & Physical Chemistry Testing Laboratory

Analytical Chemistry involves both the qualitative and quantitative determination of the
constituents of products of all types - from the ingredients of such commodities as Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Formulations to traces of chemicals in the Environment, Crops, and Foodstuffs.

Physical Chemical Testing involves testing by numerous techniques, many of which our Laboratories perform, according to guidelines such as CIPAC, EPA, EC, SANCO, FAO, OECD, WHO, BP, OPPTS, ASTM, BS, and many other similar protocols.

Molecular StructureOur GLP Compliant Analytical Laboratories (one of the first in the country), have provided such services since 1972, to people and organisations from all walks of life - from private individuals, local government and small companies, to worldwide multi-nationals and national governments in the UK and all over the world.

G C Laboratories Ltd., based in Hitchin UK, employs state of the art equipment and fully qualified and trained staff to operate it.

Potential, and existing, clients are welcome to come and visit us, by appointment, to discuss any matters of mutual interest.

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